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CPA Aluminized NXP 750 Series Proximity Suits

CPA Aluminized NXP 750 Series Proximity Suits
Proximity Suit
Description: Proximity Suit.
Part #: PR750
SHW: 17.20 lbs.
Price: $3,241.00
Proximity Suit - XB
Description: Proximity Suit with extended back to accommodate breathing apparatus.
Part #: PR750-XB
SHW: 17.20 lbs.
Price: $3,256.00

The Aluminized NXP Proximity Suit PR750 from Chicago Protective Apparel. CPA’s 750 and 850 Series Suits are insulated to protect personnel working in close proximity to extreme temperatures or fire, and have an aluminized outer shell and an aluminized vapor barrier to protect against high pressure steam, vapor, chemicals, and radiant temperatures to 2000°F (1093°C). The 750 Series Suit can be used in emergency operations, and has two layers of bulk insulation to support ambient temperatures to 550°F (288°C). The 850 Series Suit is designed for use in repair or maintenance operations such as in hot ovens, and has three layers of bulk insulation to support ambient temperatures to 800°F (420°C).

Complete set includes: Hood, Coat, Pants, Boots, Mitts, and Foot Locke Box or Duffle Bag for storage. Also available in one piece coverall style.

750 and 850 Series Suits Features:

  • Aluminized Z-Flex® outer shell reflects up to 95% of radiant heat.
  • Aluminized vapor barrier layer protects against steam, vapor, and chemicals.
  • Layers of 1-inch fiberglass insulation for ambient heat protection.
  • Fire-resistant vapor barrier lining (750 Series) or fire-resistant cotton inner lining (850 Series) for comfort.
  • 1” insulated wooden soles (850 Series) for protection from hot floors.
  • Complete set with Hood, Coat, Pants, Boots, Mitts, and Duffle Bag for storage. Also available in one piece coverall style.
  • Newtex Extreme Protective suits are made from Z-Flex® Multilayer aluminized fabrics, Zetex® and ZetexPlus® premium texturized fiberglass, and other high performance insulation materials to provide maximum protection from heat and fire

Weight of 750 Suit Series: 36 lbs (16.3 kg)

Available Sizes: L/XL (41"-47" chest, 37"-48" waist). Custom sizes available for additional charge

Note: The use of a Breathing Apparatus set is required for the 850 Series Suit and recommended for the 750 Series Suit.

Klin and Proximity Suit Selection Guide
Style Description Ambient Heat Total Flame* Radiant Heat Insulation
Outer Layer Breathing
3000 Series Fire Entry 1500°F (815°C) 2000°F (1093°C) 3000°F (1650°C) 8 Z-Flex® Aluminized Required
2000 Series Fire Entry 1500°F (815°C) 2000°F (1093°C) N/A 8 ZetexPlus® Required
850 Series Kiln 800°F (427°C) N/A 2000°F (1093°C) 6 Z-Flex® Aluminized Required
750 Series Proximity 550°F (288°C) N/A 2000°F (1093°C) 5 Z-Flex® Aluminized Recommended
550 Series Approach 200°F (93°C) N/A 2000°F (1093°C) 2 Z-Flex® Aluminized Optional
150 Series Approach 200°F (93°C) N/A 2000°F (1093°C) 2 Z-Flex® Aluminized Not required

*N/A indicates suit is not designed for the specified use. For example, the 150 Series is not designed for Total Flame/Fire Entry.

Breathing apparatus is required for the Kiln and Entry suits, and is optional for the Proximity and Approach suits. CPA, however, recommends that Proximity suits be ordered with breathing apparatus accommodation. ALWAYS have two people suited with Fire Entry, Kiln and Proximity suits to work in relays and to aid each other.

Personnel should wear fire resistant garments under the suit, including long sleeved shirt and full-length pants. See our "Related Products" section at the bottom of this page.

Suit sizing is based on the physical measurements of the wearer. For best fit, measurements should be taken over the clothes worn under a protective suit.

Suit Sizing Chart
Small /
Large /
Chest Up to 40” 41-47” 48-52” 53-58”
Waist Up to 36” 37-48” 49-50” 51-53”
Inseam 29" Standard

If the physical measurements of the wearer are outside of the standard sizes listed, suits with custom measurements and design modifications are available upon request.

150 & 550
750 & 850
2000 & 3000
Coat Length 32” 36” 34”

Fit: Due to the layers of insulation and technology involved in high temperature protection, the NXP Proximity, Kiln and Fire Entry suits are designed to fit loosely. Each suit size is designed to accommodate a range of personnel physical dimensions. Suit construction is based on standard measurements. Some variation in fabrication may occur.

Industries: Stand-By Operations in Oil Tankers, Offshore Drilling Wells and Platforms, Petrochemical and Refining, Military and Homeland Security, Ships, Power Generation, Steel, Lab and Testing Facilities.

NFPA 1851 recommends the mandatory retirement of Proximity (aluminized) suits 5 years after the date of manufacture. This does not mean the suit will or should remain in service the full 5 years. Early replacement may be required if the suit is damaged.

SKUs: PR750, PR750-XB