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Federal Signal EQ2B-200 Q-Siren, 200W - ON SALE

EQ2B-200 ELECTRONIC Q-SIREN, 200W by Federal Signal.

Lights and Sirens. Innovation for those that provide safety.

Model EQ2B-200 Features Include:
  • Approx. Ship Box Dimensions for Qty of 1: 12" x 18" x 9" with a weight of 14 lbs.
  • Federal Signal products
  • Availability: Typically 1 - 3 weeks lead time, depending on manufacturer's availability.
  • Available for purchase on Net30 Terms. Please CONTACT US to see if you are eligible.
  • By Federal Signal

SKUs: EQ2B-200, EQ2B200

Electronic Q-Siren

Part #: EQ2B-200
DiW: 6.90
Description: Federal Signal Electronic Q-Siren (e-Q2B), 200 W, Remote Amplifier, Surface Mount Control Head. ON SALE!
Price: $1,601.00