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Action A53 Spec Aluminum Couplings

A53 Spec Aluminum Couplings by Action Coupling Inc.

Hardcoated, heavy-duty, lightweight fire hose couplings are made from 6061-T6 high-strength aluminum alloy; complete with expansion rings and gaskets. Sold as complete sets but can order female or male only.

Features Include:
  • Action Coupling Products
  • Fire Hose Couplings
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  • Action Couplings
  • By Action Coupling Equipment, Inc.

SKUs: A53-312-4116, A533124116


Part #: A53-312-4116
DiW: 2.20
Description: Action A53 Spec Aluminum Coupling, Hose x Thread Size 3-1/2, Hose O.D. 4-1/16.
Price: $90.50