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Lakeland PTK10 Test Kit for Level A Suits

00011 Kits Accessories for Chemical Suits by Lakeland Inc.

Accessories for Interceptor Level A and B Chemical Suits.

Model 00011 Features Include
  • Level A Test Kit for Lakeland Level A Suits
  • Pressure testing for Lakeland Interceptor® level A suits per ASTM F1054 and EN464 (Pressure testing for Gas-Tight suits).
  • Requires external air supply source.
  • Exclusive for Lakeland Level A suits.
  • Approx. Ship Box Dimensions for Qty of 1: 11" x 10" x 5.5" with a weight of 6 lbs.
  • By Lakeland

SKUs: 00011, PTK10

Test Kit

Part #: PTK10
DiW: 2.90
Description: Test Kit for Level A Suits.
Price: $744.00