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Numb John XT Striking Dummies

Numb John XT Striking Dummies and Accessories. Numb John is a life size - full impact Less Lethal training device. He is designed as a simulated human figure to improve the accuracy and techniques of any challenging officer. He is ideal for a variety of Less Lethal and Perishable Skills training sessions. Numb John® stands 6'-2" tall and weighs approximately 150 lbs. He is molded over a rigid steel frame. His skin is made from a durable, stitch-less and seamless material that will not sag or droop, even if left out in the rain. These features allow for years of baton attacks. Numb John is also ideal for the shooting range. This simulated human figure is a realistic 3D target for various Less-Lethal ballistics. This versatile product is a helpful aid in determining "Use of Force". Numb John can be found in nearly every state in the U.S., Canada and overseas.

He is proudly serving various Police and Sheriff's Departments, FBI, Dept. of Corrections, Dept. of Criminal Justice, and Military Police to name a few! Some departments have as many as five of our baton training devices. Numb John XT's structural frame comes with a two-year manufacturers warranty.

Numb John comes with a steel lined mobile platform with locking wheels. Numb John XT (extra tough) is specifically designed for use with extendable batons and a wider variety of Less Lethal Ballistics. This design is ideal for repetitive extendable baton technics. He retains all of the same qualities as the standard Numb John, however his skin surface is made of a new High-Tech compound that is extra tough . This toughness also gives him greater latitude with less-lethal ballistics on the target range.

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SKUs: 120-NJXT12, 180-MPCH, 185-PNU, 190-SGTS, 160-WRC, 140-MP12, 170-AM36

Numb John XT

Part #: 120-NJXT12
DiW: 310.20
Description: Numb John XT on Model #12 Mobile Platform.
Price: $5,935.00

Control Handle

Part #: 180-MPCH
DiW: 302.20
Description: Control Handle for Mobile Platform.
Price: $627.00


Part #: 190-SGTS
DiW: 4.90
Description: Stun Gun Training Suit for NJXT.
Price: $713.00