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Survivor Rescue Training Dummy Parts & Accessories

Parts and Accessories for the Survivor Rescue Training Dummy. There is a great variety of parts and accessories available for these dummies. They vary from weight belt to feet and thighs, among others.

Survivor Rescue Parts and Accessories:

  • Weight Belts - 5, 10 and 15 Lbs. available
  • Suspending Harnesses.
  • Fire Resistant Material

IMPORTANT: Shipping and Handling Fee.

Due to the nature of the weight and size of these products, the shipping and handling fees are estimated only. For an exact shipping charge, please contact us we'll provide you with a quote.

SKUs: 265-S5WB, 266-S10WB, 267-S15WB, 269-RPC, 270-RPT, 271-SH, FRMD

Repair Kit

Part #: SRKT
DiW: 2.20
Description: Tear Repair Kit for the Survivor Training Dummies.
Price: $154.00

Belt - 5 lbs.

Part #: 265-S5WB
DiW: 4.20
Description: 5 Lbs. Weight Belt.
Price: $119.00

Belt - 10 lbs.

Part #: 266-S10WB
DiW: 4.20
Description: 10 Lbs. Weight Belt.
Price: $132.00

Belt - 15 lbs.

Part #: 267-S15WB
DiW: 5.20
Description: 15 Lbs. Weight Belt.
Price: $144.00


Part #: 271-SH
DiW: 4.20
Description: Suspending Harness.
Price: $157.00